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Welcome to this page where we've brought together helpful information and resources all about Lifestyle Medicine, aiming to assist you in nurturing both your emotional and physical well-being.



Yoga by the Ocean

You may experience a range of emotions that are affecting your wellbeing, here are some resources that we've found useful:

Anxiety Self Help Guide

Managing Uncertainty Video

Moral Injury Podcast


The Minderful App contains a host of suggestions for short, simple activities that can improve your mental health. 

Psychosocial support: A really helpful support and wellbeing guide from TURAS Learn. Includes sections on looking after yourself, looking after your patients and looking after your staff.

iCope - There are a number of books, booklets, videos and apps which can help you better understand how you are feeling and provide you with strategies for managing your difficulties. 

Resilience: A useful article by Professor Marc Jones on challenge and threat and understanding how people cope in demanding environments.

Coping with Grief - please see our Emergency Support page

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