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What we do

The WorkWell Doctors provide inspirational and evidence based workplace wellbeing workshops and webinars. As medical doctors, we see the consequences when our patients struggle with stress, burnout and occupational symptoms. We use tools based in science to help to improve employee wellbeing, productivity and improve staff retention.

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We are award-winning medical doctors with expertise in workplace wellbeing. We understand that the stresses and strains of modern life can be difficult to manage, and we are passionate about empowering and supporting teams to allow your company to WorkWell.

Having run over 80 successful workshops since our inception in 2019, we have understood more of what is needed and continue to develop fresh and exciting content to deliver to teams to help you achieve better overall workplace wellbeing. 

Between us, we have expertise working with NHS and corporate organisations and have expertise in coaching and delivering physical activity workshops.

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